Our philosophy is simple:

We teach how to teach—not just what to teach.

We focus on the classic Pilates method with a systematic training approach that produces excellent instructors. Classical Pilates is rhythmic, fluid and focused—connecting one movement to the next to build greater strength, flexibility and endurance. We refine it with sequencing that builds a Pilates body with maximum efficiency.

At Equilibria, we’ve developed our unique coaching to increase the confidence and capabilities of each trainee.


The Equilibria Pilates Teacher Training Program starts with a weekend seminar which is followed by practical training in the studio. Practical training consists of practicing seminar material with other students, observing sessions and classes, assisting certified teachers and teaching clients. A minimum of 20 hours of practical training per week is required. In addition, classroom instruction, intended to argument seminar teachings, is held weekly throughout the course of the program.

 Date: BASIC :

Certification Program fee: $ 5000

Fee includes, courses, weekly meetings, tests, and apprentice hours spent observing, assisting, and practice teaching. 

The Certification Program must be paid in advanced. No refund policy.


The Pilates Teacher Training  Program consists of three stages (basic, intermediate, and advanced) and a total of:

  • 66 hours of training seminars
  • 600-700 hours of practical training (apprenticeship)
  • 3 practical tests
  • 3 written exams

Training seminars are the cornerstone of the three stages of the program. The focus is on the technique of the basic, intermediate, and advanced systems. During seminars, students learn the exercises, how they are taught, and the modifications for body types and injuries. Students also learn how to create Pilates workout systems for different clients. All aspects of the reformer, mat, chairs, barrels, cadillac, pedi-pole and other auxiliary equipment are covered.

Practical tests are given at the completion of each stage. Written tests are required at the completion of the basic, intermediate and advanced stages in order to receive final certification in the program. 

Students are also required to take weekly sessions from a certified Pilates teacher. Taking sessions is an important part of the program and a minimum of one session per week is required for certification.



  • Students must demonstrate proficiency at the basic/intermediate level, and be able to apply the principles of Pilates.
  • Basic anatomy
  • An assessment by a teacher-trainer is required for admission. Students must have a physical activity background.
    It is expected that students complete their apprenticeship within 12 months from the start of the program. 


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