The GYROTONIC® method is a unique system of movements designed to correct imbalances in all the mayor systems of the body, and is utilized worldwide by people of all ages in therapy, dance, sports, and general conditioning facilities.

Is one of the most modern training systems, which consists in modules of exercises based upon the concept of multi-dimensional and spherical movement. It was invented at the beginning of the 1980s in the United States by dancer Juliu Horvath. He not only tried and succeeded in repairing the bodily injuries that he sustained as a professional dancer using these new methodologies, but he also sought to create a system of exercises that anyone could perform, regardless of age or state of health.

Its principles embrace key elements also found in yoga, dance, swimming and martial arts. It works systematically and softly on joints and muscles by means of undulating and rhythmical exercises in which no part of the body remains inactive: the entire joint system, as well as the organs and tonic muscle structures, are involved.

GYROTONIC® movements focus special attention on increasing functional ability of the spinal column, which becomes much less vulnerable to injuries. Furthermore, it reduces the possibility of suffering from stress or micro-traumas, giving one's physical constitution extraordinary flexibility and capabilities. Corresponding breathing patterns are engaged during the performance of the exercises, thereby increasing coordination, endurance and aerobic activity.

Thanks to increasing attention from the international medical and scientific community, GYROTONIC® methodology is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world.